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5 Work At Home Jobs That Pay Weekly

Hey guys what is up so today I’m gonna tell you 5 work at home jobs that pay between ten and thirty dollars per hour so if you guys are looking to make some extra income online so you can have more time and freedom to do what you want to do well that’s what I talk about on my blog and every day I post a new blog that helping you become more successful.

1. Fancy Hands

This is where you are going to get paid for completing a variety of office tasks which includes phone work research typing and much more. 

Now you’re going to get paid for each of the tasks that you do and that can range anywhere from three to seven dollars okay and most of the tasks go by really quick according to fancy hands. 

So it can add up really quickly over time now this is open worldwide and the way you’re going to get to the website just go to and you guys can read over the website.

Check out the company but if you would like to apply what you’re gonna do is just come all the way up to the very top and then you see its the job logo after the fancy hands logo. 

Click on that,that’ll take you to the page where you’ll find this button says apply for an assistant position and that’ll take you through the application process all right so that’s fancy hands.

2. Chat Shop

Now this is where you can become a live chat agent you know have you ever been on a web site maybe like a store. 

Someplace where you can shop and you have this little chat box that comes up on the bottom right screen somebody’s asking you if you can find everything okay or if there is anything they can help you with. 

Well that’s kind of like what a chat agent is. so you’re going to provide support to online shoppers and chat with potential clients okay. 

Now the chat shop they’re requiring a little bit more hours so this is closed a little bit closer to more like full-time position thirty-five forty hours per week and it’s gonna be like $10 per hour okay. 

That is the starting pay now this is only open to the US and to get to the chat shop you guys can just go to but if you guys want to find the area on where to apply for the position this is it’s a little bit harder to find. 

So I found if you just go to google and if you type in the chat shop type in thechatshopjobs and then the first link right up there on the top of Google that should take you right there to the page and if you guys just scroll down you can see the skills
that are required the roles that you’re going to be doing. 

Then if you’re interested you go right down there where it says apply online there you can click on that or you can just click on where it says join our live chat agent team, okay so that’s the chat shop.

3. Appen

They regularly hire people to work from home doing search engine evaluation and social media evaluation and there’s also there’s little transcription and translation work jobs that you can do as well. 

Now the evaluation for the search engines they are looking for relevancy so when someone types something into the search engine you there’s a bunch of results that appear and they want to see if the websites inside or the websites on those all results are relevant to the keywords that are searched into the search box. 

So you guys can check that out and what you’re gonna do is you’re going to take notes and then send those notes back to the company also for social media accounts different profiles  

Different evaluation jobs for that just for congruence and just to see and everything matches up those are some of the jobs that you guys can be doing. 

Now the starting pay is around fifteen dollars per hour but it also depends on the type of project that you do and so now let me go back here so to get to app. 

What you’re going to want to do is just go to okay and that’s going to take you to this page and then you can just click on join our team.

Then from this page here you guys are going to get a list of all the different positions that are available and so if you find one you like let’s see for an example web search evaluator.

Go ahead and click on that that’ll take you to this page and then what I you do from here is just click on the apply Now button  after you guys have kind of read everything learn more about the company and see if this is something that you guys would like to apply for all right.

4. Babble Type

Babble Type

Now this is where you guys are going to put on headphones and you are going to transcribe audio all right. 

Now you can earn $10 for every 15 minutes so this is not $15 or this is not $10 an hour this is $10 every every 15 minutes so I’m sure you could probably do a couple or maybe even a few 15-minute blocks per hour and that would be like almost $30 an hour. 

These guys are gonna pay you weekly through PayPal all right and so there’s also room for growth with this company and you’re gonna get pretty good and you’re probably going to improve your typing skills while doing this. 

So that’s babble type and you guys can just go to and you guys can read more about the company here and when you guys are ready to apply just go there where it says contact hover your mouse over that and then come back right down where it says apply for work.  

Then if you scroll down you guys can read more about the job and what you’re gonna be doing and then there is an apply button right there and that’ll get you on your way for the application all right so that’s Babel type alright.

5. Smart Crowd

So the last one here is smart crowd now this is where you guys
are going to be doing more small tasks like data entry data research and language and much more and you can work from anywhere. 

Now the pay rate is anywhere between twenty to sixty cents per 100 characters that you type now this is not one I’m sorry 1,000 characters and this is not 1000 words guys this is 1,000 characters so this can go by pretty quick. 

There is a waiting list for this company and you’re also going to go through this approval process you’re gonna take a little test before they bring you on to the team and it’s only available to us residents and the way you guys are going to get to that website. 

You can just google smart crowd and then what’s gonna
happen you can find a link and that will you’ll end up on this website there and so right down  

You guys can find the join link go ahead and click on that and then that’s going to send you to that page right there you must be at least 18 years of age to apply okay.

So those are the 5 work at home online jobs that I have for you today and if you guys want more blogs hit that subscribe button and I will send you a notification I tried my best to provide you the most valuable information and knowledge through this post. Hope you got the valuable information through this article.

I am gladly waiting to know about this blog from visitors, who visit and spend there most valuable time and be with this article till the end so pls don’t forget to give your feedback in the comment box …so that’s it for today you guys make it an awesome day and we will see you on the next take care

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