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5 Part-Time Online Jobs To Work From Home In 2020

5 Part-Time Online Jobs To Work From Home In 2020

Hey everybody my name is zahir shaikh and welcome to In this blog I’m gonna talk about 5 part-time online jobs that you can work from home in 2020.

You don’t need like a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree to do something that I’m going to talk about and I’ve also tried to make my list very practical so the jobs that I’m gonna talk about are in high demand right now and the demand is gonna grow for them.

Imagine you come back home from work and at 6 p.m. and you’ve had your dinner and you don’t want to waste your time watching another TV show hanging out with friends you want to learn a new profession and you don’t mind making some extra money

 So if you’re interested continue reading…..

part-time online jobs no. 1: sales funnel manager:

Part time online jobs no. 1: sales funnel manager:

This is something we’ve started doing this year but we should have started doing it a lot earlier what is the sales funnel.

So for example you’re scrolling through Facebook and then you see like hey here’s a free checklist how to make money online in 2020 and you’re signing up you’re giving them your email they send you this free checklist.

And then they tell you like hey if you want to do this job like these are five steps to becoming a professional in it and they educate you through emails and then maybe in three or four days they have an offer for you

And they’re offering course for like two hundred dollars and you don’t buy it and then in two days they follow you up with an email offering you a discount this is a sales funnel and I think this is the present and the future of marketing.

people are especially if it’s some high-tech product you won’t just click on the first ad and buy you need to be educated and this is what sales funnel is about.

So for example I have a sales funnel for my youtube course so you scroll through Facebook you see an ad like hey that’s a free webinar how to start in YouTube and I give ten steps to start in YouTube and then there is an email follow-up.

And then it’s on my course we have a lot of online courses that will market just like that giving value first establishing yourself as a professional but you see what happens I need people to do those sales funnels we need somebody who will know how to create or just a webinar in general

We need people to write those emails we need people to automate the whole sales funnel because the whole thing about the sales funnel so you don’t do that every single time you just launch it and it works and works and works this profession is called sales funnel manager

And the amazing thing about this profession is that you don’t need to be a specialist in many areas because there is a lot of software already on the market they can just use to create everything

For example get response we’ve been using this company across all of our products because you can automate all the emails you can automate all the webinars.

So basically the way it works you go to get response you have this auto final section you start with me creative stuff for your ads for your Facebook like banners then you go into the next page landing page which you can also do and get response you do all the designer stuff they have all the templates for different industries

Then you decide what you’re gonna lead people to is ative a Bernard which you can also do and get response is it maybe a free checklist then people sign up then you decide what’s gonna happen like you draw the whole scheme of how email is gonna work.

After people sign up and then you have the whole online store that you can set up and get response you can connect stripe which is a payment system you can create all the confirmations that people are going to receive and this is all just one software.

I check to upwork people are ready to pay up to $40 an hour for sales funnels manager work and note on average it would take you around10 hours to create a sales funnel and yeah here you go this is something you can do like Monday to Friday every day two hours a day in a week you will be complete with one sales funnel.

I thinkit’s amazing so sign up for free for a get response right now and start mastering your skills maybe you would become a sales funnels manager or maybe you would create your own product and sell it through a sales funnel.

part-time online jobs no. 2: YouTube channel manager:

Part time online jobs no. 2: YouTube channel manager:

The next online job that is already in high demand and I’m constantly looking for a specialist like that it’s YouTube channel manager.

So what does this person do I’m a blogger I’ve just produced a blog my editor edited everything but I need to put it on YouTube what does it mean I need to coordinate with my thumbnail designer what we’re going to put on the thumbnail.

I need to come up with the title I need to come up with description put all the hash tags in put everything and just make sure that the blog goes live on a certain date if it’s a sponsored blog include all the links work with my sales manager like there are so many coordination stuff around that plus.

It’s also a very creative job because you need to come up with titles that people are gonna click so if you love watching YouTube if you know what you’re clicking on if you know what attracts people’s attention you can totally try it in terms of pay

What I found an upwork again it’s around $25an hour I would say Britt blog if you’re also working with an editor like saying like hey when you cut out this we need to make this more dynamic and stuff I would say would take three to four hours to work one vlog.

If it’s a vlog if it’s like a talking hat I would say maybe a little less I pay on average from fifty to a hundred dollars per blog and again yeah constantly looking for people like that because yeah you need to be very responsible like you need to be care full with all the titles all the thumbnails.

You have to be very attentive to details and at the same time you need to feel the dynamic of the vlog if you want to go to the next step of this profession there’s the whole channel strategy thing if you’re seeing that different vlogs are performing better with your client.

You can tell them like hey let’s double down on this content let’s do this  and that let’s collab with those people and people are ready to pay a lot more for that I would say this is more like a YouTube marketing consultancy business and I would started with like a hundred dollars an hour.

But you need to be areal professional so start with the YouTube channel manager YouTube blog manager and then progress again guys this is something I guarantee you is gonna be in high demand because I’m already struggling to find the right people and if I find the right people they end up becoming youtubers

part-time online jobs no. 3: voice over:

Part time online jobs no. 3: voice over:

So yeah there’s definitely a market for that the next very creative profession if you love being creative if you like talking to people you don’t like being in front of the camera which is you know it’s a typical problem for a lot of people but you don’t mind speaking to a microphone.

There is a lot of demand for people hoping great voice overs so we feel confident with your voice if you’re confident in speaking talking public speaking this is something that you can try I found a couple websites that are gonna help you finding jobs they’re called voice bunny voice one two three voices snap recordings and voices online.

Now the average pay is around sixteen dollars an hour again a lot of demand on up work his util I was a up work is you go to a website if you want to check out you know if you’re coming up with something you want to do and you want to check out if people are looking for it go to out work and see how much people are paying how many job postings are over there again another job that you can do voice-over specialist

part-time online jobs no. 4: virtual recruiter:

The next job virtual recruiter and yes if you want to hire top professionals and stuff you would need a degree in HR or at least some education but if we’re looking for people who are lower level. 

For example for my lingo a marina company I’m constantly looking for customer service people and I need a recruiter to do something that can be learned very quickly.

So like coming up with job description creating a test for that profession then just putting it on different websites you can help work or indeed, monster like all of the job updates putting it out.

Finding Facebook groups that are talking about this profession finding courses that teach people how to do that particular job and connecting with managers of those courses and tell them like hey we have an opportunity for your students to get some real work experience.

so basically you are just coming up with the whole structure and then you do some interviews and then you pass the best candidates to the person who hired you people already need to pay$15 an hour virtual recruiters again this is something I found an up work something for you to consider.

part-time online jobs no. 5: Graphic Designer:

Last but not the least is again for creative people were talking more about creative stuff in this blog it’s graphic designer and again there are some things I would want to recommend for you to start with yes it would be great if you do Adobe Photoshop and stuff but there is also Krell.COM.

There’s also can without commas by the way amazing they’re valued over 1 billion started by female founder so learning how to work with those programs they have all the templates they have everything that you need learning how to work with photos and working with photos can be a lot easier.

If you use programs like the SCO if you use prequel if you use Snapseed like everything you can actually use on your iPhone the jobs range from 5 to $85 like different smaller projects like people are constantly looking for designers to help them with banners to help them with thumbnails for YouTube

You can find a niche that’s going to work for you that interests you the most I would say like banners for ads and YouTube thumbnails editing photos for Instagram would be a great way to start and again you can start reaching out a bloggers. 

And saying like hey I’ve done this and this here’s my work let me just edit one of your latest photos because I think it should have performed a lot better and you edit it and you send them your work and you say like hey I normally charge five dollars a photo if you want to work with me let’s do it faster and around you know I’m available from this to this time during the day

And this is how you start working. Adobe Photoshop is a great tool there are many websites that you can look for jobs creative design 99 as usual up work and Fiverr is also a great website

I think they started with like different jobs but now there are so many creative stuff that you can find over there and yet projects and fibers is what I mentioned from five to eighty five dollars that was it for me for today guys I hope that I gave you some creative ideas.


I hope that I’ve inspired you to do something else to try something new and to learn a new job and make more money in 2020 if you like this blog part-time online jobs please like it. So thanks for reading this article if you have any kind of doubts ask me in the comment box I will definitely reply  and don’t forget to share and subscribe thanks have a good time, 

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