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Best Career ADVICE You-re Ever Gonna GET! in 2020

best career advice

Best Career ADVICE You-re Ever Gonna GET! in 2020: so today i am going to give you some career advices and tips that it can help you to undersand the way to live your life with stress free and focus on your career opportunities to build with success.

This is such an important topic because most people they get up and they drive to a job that they hate and They’re living for the evenings and weekends right that’s.Eighty percent of people They wake up They’re driving to this company that they can’t stand and then they’re just they can’t wait for quitting time. 

they’re waiting for what they’re gonna do on the weekends. That’s when they live and and for me That’s not a way to live. I don’t want to just live for my weekends in my evenings.

I want to be doing meaningful important work If that’s running my own business or if it’s taking a job if that’s what I meant to do But I want to be doing something where I feel like I’m having an impact what I’m doing is important

Three simple career advice you need to follow in your career life

BEST Career ADVICE 2020 You-re Ever Gonna GET!
  • Explorer
  • Follow the Flow
  • Pivot


Explorer: What does that mean let me break it down one explorer you got to explore things, You got to try stuff You don’t know if you’re going to like something until you actually go in and do it.

You don’t look at Data and say well arm this type of person so I’m going to go into this type of job go and try and see if it works if you like it right and Congratulations first of all.

For having the guts to go out and launch your own shop and say you know what I want to explore this I’m going to Go and do it and so it didn’t work and so you’re gonna.

Go do something else, but you have to keep exploring and don’t listen to your friends and family who say hey It’s time to settle down.

Now it’s time for you to join the rest of the world and live a crappy life, right? Is that what you want to do? So so it didn’t work out once you took one shot, and that’s it.

You give up, and you live the life everybody else hates that’s not the answer you got to get up and try again

Explore and small starts:

Start something on a small level and just try it out Stop thinking about something and get out of your head and start actually Doing something and see if you enjoy it you might try something and you hate it then now you know you have your answer.

You may try something and you love it, and you want to do more and more and more you get obsessed with it. 

this is the first career advice or step.



Follow your Flow: You follow your flow You see what you love doing. You’re trying a bunch of stuff right at this point You don’t know what to do go and try stuff?

You’re going to keep doing the stuff that you love to do. There’s some things you’re going to try take wow This is awesome, and you want to keep doing it and keep doing it center.

The whole day is passed by like what happened to my day. It was amazing. [you] [want] to do it again? You’re obsessed with you. Think about it when you’re sleeping.

Maybe you wake up early the next day because you can’t wait to go and do it again, right? So you’re following your flow if you get in that zone you got to stay there? That’s where the great stuff happens.

When you’re following your flow not doing some crappy job that you don’t like anymore if it’s tedious and boring Don’t do it you think you’re going to build a great life doing stuff. That’s tedious and boring.

No, you got to do the stuff that makes you come alive, so you have to follow your flow you explore You follow the flow. 

this is the second career advice or step


Pivot: pivot you might find that after following your flow.It doesn’t work out anymore the passion goes away, right? You started your career thing you thought hey. This is great This is what I always wanted to do you tried five months later.

It’s not working out you pivot you go do something else. You start exploring again That’s okay sometimes that flow lasts for a month six months a year a decade.

You know you don’t know how long it’s Gonna last I’m making these blog okay, let me tell you ssomething. I’m making these blog, okay?

I got a whole bunch of stuff in my career a New idea comes along I love to try it just to explore. I explore a whole bunch of stuff most of it doesn’t work out.Sometimes I try something and and I like it for a little bit And I continue on doing it and then I get bored of it.

So I either close it down or if it’s important to the company. I give it to somebody else too many choose I don’t want to touch it because if I was continuing to do that my business wouldn’t grow because me doing stuff that I hate or Board up or tedious or don’t like anymore?

That’s not going to be me building a great company, so I’m making these blog. I love making these blog It’s one of the favorite parts of my week.

It’s answering your questions seeing what comes in and feeling like hey I’m helping people out your comments coming back is fuel for me every single day.

Maybe one day. I’ll get bored of if I don’t like blog day, if it’s Wednesday when I write all these blog and uh Man, I got to do more blog this sucks man hate this.

career advice

You think I’m going to make great blog with that attitude? no, so I would have to shut it down and That would be very sad.

At least right now. I love the blogt so I’m going to keep going for now, but you will have that moment Where you make it tight or something, and it’s okay to move on okay?

And so I’m following the flow right I explored I followed the flow and I haven’t pivoted off  because I still love it. And it’s worked out for me, and I would have never thought about getting into that so when you’re first getting started, right?


We’re in this stage now You don’t know what to do you feel this pressure that you need to Settle down you need to figure out what you’re going to do with your life, and it’s all Chaos.

And you don’t know what to do and when you force yourself into a decision It’s not going to be a great one right you force yourself to go get a job.

You’re not going to be great or happy in that life right whenever you’ve got a gun to your head to make a decision Right now that’s never the best one you need to give yourself the spaceto explore the follow your flow and to pivot.

Remember that all these people who are trying to force you to make a decision. They hate their lives, too They’re not doing anything great. So why are you taking advice from people who haven’t done great things in their life? You look at the people?

who’ve done great things and a lot of them have bounced from something to something [to] something and explore it and fail and failed and

Tried something it didn’t work out Before they hit their thing that helps them explode Research famous entrepreneurs look at the people who you look up to and respect and learn from their success.

This is where it comes from if you want to be great You want to help have a huge impact on the world you want to live a fulfilled life?

Then you have to remember explore follow your flow and pivot.


so these are the three career advice which you can impliment in your life whic can help you in your career life. so thats it guys hope you like this artcle so pls dont forget to like share and also do subscribe for latest upcoming blogs articles related to jobs and career check out other post also and visit for more latest posts. thank you see you in next post take care.


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