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Make money with Builderall Best Passive Income For Lifetime

Hey guys it’s zahir shaikh’ here welcome back to another blog in this blog you’re gonna learn to make money with Builderall  in 2020.

You can make a passive income with this ok many people are doing it and I’m going to be showing you proof that this method really works ok.

So I’m   going to be showing you what is builderall how builderall works and how to get traffic to close the sales and all sorts of things guys ok.

I’m going to be sharing you some of the insider tips by the end of the blog so make sure you read the whole blog guys so you get the full benefit from this blog ok.

so before start guys I wanna welcome here so who was reading me for the first time welcome to my website

Builderall is one of the most popular platform now a days. I’m gonna take the time to go over the top ways you can go out there and make money with Builderall.  

Now these are not like pulling out my butt or anything I’ve actually made money with this. I really like about Builderall is they actually have a couple tools and a couple funnel templates that you really won’t see anywhere else and it helps you actually make money and the other thing.

I like about this is you know it’s one of the most affordable platforms on the market. So in Builderall the hole solution is they have every single tool you’ll ever need all in one location for one affordable monthly price right.

So that’s what’s kind of cool about this company and like I said I want to show you how you can take advantage of that and start making money from this platform like I’ve been able to do.

Let’s get straight into this also real quick before I start if you stick around to the end of this blog I’m gonna be showing you a way you could get started promoting builderall as an affiliate.

If you want to do that as well because builderall has one of the best affiliate programs that I personally ever seen online. So anyway stick around till the end of this blog if you want to see how you can go out there and promote builder all.

What is builderall?

So builderall is a Digital marketing platform guys okay so they do websites they do landing pages sales funnels for email marketing and webinars Script and all that all this kind of tools and stuff curve everything that business needs to get more leads and to get more sales okay.

So it is a marketing platform guys okay. so this is a must for every business so if any anyone is starting an online business or beat any kind of business guys they need a website okay. 

so they need a landing page to get their leads okay and they need our sales funnel to close their sales and they need a webinar or maybe like a webinar script or something which enhances the sales guys okay.

So these are the things that they do this is the thing that every business need. so this is a must for every business.

Builderall Business Model

Guys I’m gonna be showing you a business model with builderall ok how you can start an online business with builerall and how you can make the lots of money without guys you can treat this as a full-time business.

So let’s get started guys so alright guys here reading because you wanna start an online business and you want to make money ok so if you are in this for real guys then this is one of the best ways to make money online to start an online business.

So this is not just a platform to become an affiliate to become to do affiliate marketing and sell product this is a platform where you can build a business ok so you’re not just going to be the sales person who promotes all these products yes you’re going to be the business person because many people are going to be under you and many people are going to work for you ok.

So this might sound like a big complicated thing but it’s not guys because I’m going to be showing you it is a very easy process so I’m going to be giving you an overall review about builderall and how it works and how you can make money with this.

So and also I’m going to be showing you if you have like so much so customers under you how much you are going to get how much you be getting guys ok so all that I’m going to be showing you in this particular blog before you want to learn how to make anyway this you must know what this platform is all about okay.

So that is when you will understand and that is when if you want to do promote this product you can make money with this guys okay..

Promote and make money with builderall

social media platform

so if you promote this particular product guys you’re going to be making lots of money ok because this is not just a product this is a software which people will use long time ok.

So they’re just not going to use it and just next month they go again they’re going to cancel it doesn’t work that way because it is a software which people use for their business and it’s going to be there for a long time.

So if you promote this guy’s you’re going to be making killing amount of money ok so that is where I’m going to be showing you how builderall works and how you can do this ok.

How builderall works and how you can do this?

This is the landing page of the website guys if you have already have a business and if you want to become if you want to get access to all the sales funnel templates and all the website templates and all that you can just sign up and do it.

But if you want to become affiliated promote products and make money promote build it all and make money you have to click on this link on top guys affiliate.

so when you click on it it will take you to this page so this is where this is where they give you all the details about what you will be getting if you become an affiliated so they give you all the information. blog of builderall so these are real people who are already doing business with them so you can you can read the blogs you can read the testimonial show it works and all that you can get an idea about everything guys.

soI’m just showing you the way so I’m not telling that I’m doing it and I’m exactly making money with it I’m just showing you a way to make money online.

Way to make money with builderall

so if you want to make money straightaway instead of going for all these data entry chops you should do something like this a real way a legit way to make money online okay.

builderall clients

so these are some of the proofs guys that people are making money with this so let me just scrolldown guys and show you how it works.

so say if you want to promote this software builderall software so all you got to do is like to sign up to this package guys and after that all you got to do is like promote this affiliate product the software builderall.

so how you got to do that is like if you have a website related to say how to make money online and entrepreneurship finish what you can do is like you can just make blogs about Builderall and then you can just promote you can just promote that software guys in all of your blogs.

you can just tell your audience to checkout the link so they can use the same link as yours to sign up okay so in that way people when they’re signing under you and you get a commission okay.

How to promote and how to get traffic?

social media promotion

so all that I’ll be telling in the later part of the blog to get traffic guys there are different ways you can use say if you have like a group I say if you have a group of members following you on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or whatever it is you can just promote this software there okay.   

if you have a huge fan group in facebook or something you can just put up a blog about builderall maybe just put up to three blogs or how much he about blogs guys it depends on how many members you how many members you have in your group okay.

so if you have like a huge fan base guys then you can just put up a blog about builder on so you want to tel lthem how this builderall works and how you can make money with that and all those kind of stuff when people are interested they’ll click on the link and they will go sign up guys okay.

so when they signup you get a commission so that is how it works and also there’s a recovering revenue there’s going to be passive income that is the very cool thing about this guy’s.

so that is through Facebook so now ifyou want to promote through Instagram or something it works the same way if you have a huge fan base or even if you have like little audience or something guys you can just promote to them.   

I would recommend YouTube because people are reading you even if you have like little amount of subscribers maybe like300 subscribers or something even then you can do guys because they are yourfaithful fans and they hire your faithful people reading you.


so if you are providing them some value guys you are showing you showing them the way to do it to make a start and online business then they’re going to definitely go for it you know so if they’re really passionate about it they will go for it.

so they are reading you continuously so they trust whatever you say so when you promote a product like this guys builderall they will definitely buy them.

so there’s always a probability of people who like it okay so it was the same way I can’t guarantee like this is how how much you’ll get for so many views it depends on so many factors so this is how it works guys.

Start a Youtube channel and Promote builderall to get more interested traffic

youtubr channel

so you can start a youtube channel today put up videos every single day for the next maybe say like one or two months guys just put up videos about Builderall  so if you like put up consistent make videos about Builderall guys so people know that you are all about builderall.

so all the interested people will watch you okay so not everyone is going to be telling you the plan guys of how it works and how you can draw customers okay.

so I’m telling you can just follow this and make this work you know so because this is a good way to make money guys people are making lots of money with this and they are winning cars and all that okay.

so I will be showing you all that in the later part of the blog guys just bear  with me if you want to know if you want to know how much you can know and what and all you can get from this builderall okay.

so I’m going to be telling you in the final part of the blog so research about this do your research and put up video about builderall then after that what you can do is like you become an affiliate and you try it first okay.

so after that you can just tell them and if you are promoting that guys by the time you’ll be getting money and okay so when you get money guys you can show them you can show them like okay this is how much I earn and you can try the same and you too can on and many people will be under you and you get recovering revenue from that okay.

so if you show them proof guys they’re going to believe it and they’re going to buy and they’re going to going to click on your affiliate link and buy the software okay.

so this is how it works so YouTube is a great platform even if you don’t have it even if you don’t have your youtube channel start today it’s only you’re just going to spend like two months time guys and you’re going to be getting so much back in return okay.

so and also you’re not going to be spending that much guys you just have to get this software which is like 30 dollars and and it is not that much you know.


Recovering revenue and commission

so you all you got to do is like this spend $30 guys to buy the software and try it out so before you suggest to people so all the views that you’re getting are the people who are interested with builderall okay. 

so it will be very targeted guys so you can just talk at them and you can sell your affiliate product so these are allreally good information guys just follow this and you can make it work.

so now how it works is like guys say you’re promoting the software and you have a YouTube channel you have like a hundred subscribers or something guys say if you are promoting this particular software.

so it is like 13 so in there are two plans guys one is $30 one is like $15 okay so that is like $29 and$49 so I’m rounding it up and telling it as thirty and fifty dollars.

so how it works is like guys so whichever plan whichever the plan they sign up to you guys they start with guys you get a hundred percent commission on the first sale.

so say someone clicks on the link and they buy the software guys their cash is taken from their account on the first sale you get whatever they’re paying guys you get the money full hundred percent commission on the first sale.

how much are they making say they’re going for the $30 package you get the full $30 okay so if they’re going for the $50 package you get the full $50 package okay for the first sale.

but later so as I said guys they’re going to be staying they’re going to stay with builderall okay you have to in the your blogs you have to tell about the uses of builderall. 

if you have a business this is how its kind of grow your business this is this will help your business and all sorts of things okay and it is true guys okay it does help business grow and many businesses are using this it is every business needs this model okay every business needs builderall.

so when you make them understand guys they’re going  to buy from you so have long ever the stay guys on the first sale guys you get 100% Commission. 

but later if they sign up to the early package or if they sign up to the monthly package time they charge them guys every month so each time they charge them every month guys you get 30% Commission and it doesn’t stop with that guys okay.

Promoting Builderall commission

so you’re going to be building a business empire with this so say some people sign up on to you okay so you promoting this product and some people sign up. 

signed up under you okay and later they are promoting builderall okay and many people are signing up under them and still you get a commission you still you get a 30%commission from those people guys okay so how cool is that.

so you’re going to be growing your business empire with that okay so it’s not just people who sign up under you you get a recovering revenue but also from the people who signed up under them.

say you have like 20 people signed up on the you guys and you’ll be getting money from that okay on the first sale you get 100 percent on the next sales you get like 30 percent commission from the 20 people who use who signed up under you guys they would have been promoting builderall.

so if they promote and if saying they have like five customers or something under them you’ll be getting 30 percent commission from that also so how cool is that guys. 

so as it keeps on growing you’ll be getting are covering revenue every month each time they pay you get a commission guys and also it doesn’t stop with that guys say you have like you can win a car okay.

Builderall Car Program

so they will pay you the rent okay so they will send you a checkof $500 every month and also it doesn’t stop with that okay they will pay you thousand dollars every month check okay they’ll send you a check for the car that you rent okay.

say you have like 100 direct customers guys and that is like in your so whoever clicks on a link and they sign up to builderall they are like direct 100 customers okay so if you have like direct hundred customers they will include you in the Builderall new car program okay so that is what it’s called guys.

so that means they’ll be sending you $500 every month so as you can see 500 dollars every month as long as you keep the minimum of hundred direct customers. 

so if you maintain that hundred direct customers guys you’regoing to be getting $500 every month plus the recurring revenue whatever you’re getting guys for each sale you’ll be getting those money guys you’ll be still getting that okay.

so if you expand it to 200 active users guys you will be getting thousand dollars every month okay they’ll be sending you a check so if you want to rent a car that whatever you like you can rent it out and they will pay you the rent guys. 

you don’t have to spend anything for that because they’ll be sending you the check but unless you maintain thathundred direct customers and if you have like 200 customers you get $1,000 okay.

this platform is not going to die out anytime soon oh because they just started out and this is just trending now guys okay so everyone not many people know about this. 

so whoever’s in this industry and the money making industry they know only they know about this software so not many people know about this.

so this is one of the great opportunity for you to go ahead and do this guy’s.

Builderall Affiliate earning stategies

so now I’m just going to show you how much you can on ok so say you’re selling say if you have a YouTube channel and you only like only like 20 people or something signed up under you okay how many will work as an affiliate like I said if you are making 20 sales there’s going to be 20 affiliate customers okay.

so now say they are asking like how much how many people will they sign up so say if each of your affiliates are only sending like two people to builderall and see how much you’ll be getting guys with just 20 people.

so you’re your immediate earnings on the first sale will be this okay nine hundred and ninety-eight dollars so your monthly income will be like 898 dollars okay.

so if you increase this sale if you are even selling up to say hundred guys okay it’s 100 people on there you see how much you’ll be getting guys see how much you’ll be getting is your immediate earning. 

will be like four thousand almost like five thousand dollars guys and your monthly earning will be like four thousand five hundred dollars so this is how much he’ll be getting guys.

so I have to change this guy’s I’ve just went with a minimum to so even if your hundred affiliate customers are helping them helping other people sign up to builderall say even like ten each. 

so ten people so hundreds of affiliates are helping like ten people to go into a builderall guys see how much you’ll be earning I see your monthly income and also and also you’ll be getting the paycheck guys five hundred dollars because now that you have like okay to to rent your car out guys to rent your dream car.

so if you maintain two hundred you’ll be getting that guys so look at this direct customers are one hundred and the second tire clients are like thousand. 

so that is how it works guys this is how much you can make so there are two plans as I said twenty nine for one plan is for like twenty nine US dollars and the other one is like forty nine so you rounded up as as thirty and for fifty guys okay.

so you make thirty percent commission on your direct sale and thirty percent commission on the sales of the business owner associated with your business always recurring.

so like I said guys so your direct customers every month youe very month they get sauced you got thirty percent commission and when their business and when their affiliates signup guys you get thirty percent commission from that also.

So this is how it works so this is a simple calculation that they given guys say if you make at his is like for direct sales so say if you make like fifteen sales guys into fifteen sales into like twenty nine dollars it’s this was this much guys. 

Because you’ll be getting the full one hundred percent so it is this much guys plus the recovering REO every month from this 15 sales thirty percent will be this much.

So totally with just fifteen guys you’ll be getting like so much guys okay and also this is for the forty nine package so if you make like 15 sales you will be getting like 748 US dollars for the first payment on the first payment and the monthly payment will be this much okay.

So this is like a approximate total guys it can vary okay so how long ever people stay you get a commission from that so basically this is how it works guys I I guess you got the whole idea of how it works and how much you can make.

So if you starting a YouTube channel or a website today guys all you have to put up is like how you have to put up all these but you want target business people okay who is running an online business so you want to put up videos or blog  related to builderall and how it’s going to help business.

So how to set up a landing page or maybe how to set up a sales funnel and all those kind of videos how to do a webinar and all those kind of topics you need to put up guys okay.

So if so you’ll be targeting people who are under that niche okay so you are under that business niche so you want to target people like that and you want to tell them that this is going to grow their business and that is when they will signup on to you guys okay.

People are making money with builderall

So this is how builderall works and people are making lots of money with this guys you saw the real testimonials yeah okay you saw the real earnings you know how much people are earning every month with builderall.

Look at this guys they are earning like so much so when they are when they are doing it you can definitely do it guys so all you got to do is like put up videos o making blog every single day about builderall and people are doing this as a full time also guys okay.

But if you want to start but you want to have something at the side guys okay maybe if you have a job if you’re still working and some so if you still work in some place guys you can do it other side during the evening time ors omething because we don’t know for sure whether it will work or it doesn’t work.

Because as I said it depends on so many different factors guys okay but I can but as long as I saw guys it definitely was so you can give it a try and you can just make it work I so if you tried it and if it’s working for you guys leave your comment below in this blog under this blog telling that you tried it and you earning so much okay so that’ll get me excited.

So drop a comment below guys if you’re going to try it and if you’re going to make this work okay do your research I gave you a I gave you overall idea of how it works and how much you can earn from the how much you can earn from builderall guys now it’s up to you whether you want to take action and if you want to make mone ywith builderall.

Because this is a new platform guys it has come out new idea before there was click funnels and click funnels is also a good platform and they also have affiliate programs but the thing about click funnels is guys the package is a bit high it’s like about $97 or something.

So if you are promoting people will so if you are promoting click funnels people will be wondering whether to buy this or what because it is like hundred dollars or something but with builderall it is only like twenty thirty dollars to four fifty dollars guys okay it is really cheap compared to click funnels.

So if you promote itpeople will definitely buy this becauseit  it is of low cost so there are high chances that people will go with builderall because cost is a bit low so that is a good thing with builderall guys you can promote it and you can make killing amount of money.

So look at this guys people are making forty six thousand dollars so when they can do it you can definitely do it guys like I said put up blogs every single day that is when you’ll be getting more traffic so that is the that is the purpose of putting up blogs every single day guys.

So when you put up every single day you should be able to do a correct time guys say if you’re uploading at say if you’re uploading at like five clock and so five o’clock in the evening guys you uploaded at the right time okay so five o’clock in the evening everyday just put up every day guys and you can see the growth you can be you’ll be getting more and more views okay.

So when you’re getting more of your views you’re getting eye balls people know that you’re talking about this kind of stuff so if you are talking more about at all and how that’s gonna help many businesses they’re going to buy the product okay and also you can tell them you can become an affiliate and you can make money with this.

So when they know that this is one of the business model what they’re going to do they they’re going to sign up and also they’re going to be treating that as a business and they’re going to be signing up many people on that them so each time they sign up you also get a commission so you it will be growing guys as it good as it goes on the acid as they keep on adding people.

You’re going to be getting the recovering revenue every month this is all going to be passive income even ifyou have like two customers under you guys you’ll be getting 30% commission onso as long as they stay with builder all you’ll be carrying 30% commission from them every month okay.

YouTube is a great platform to draw traffic free traffic organic traffic organic trafficis very important guys okay organic traffic is very good guys okay hot traffic is what we need we don’t want cold traffic people who don’t know you we want hot traffic ha traffic is like people who already know you and they go by the problem product okay who are people who are interested in you that’s what is a hot traffic.

You’re just not going to be salesman promoting products you’re just going you going to be a businessman you’re going to be a business owner okay with builderall so you can just do this guys this is my overall review and what I think about builderall as I said.


So that’s it for today guys I hope you enjoyed this blog I hope you got some value out of this blog now if you have any doubts questions or suggestions related to this blog leave your comment below guys and I will get back to you as soon as possible guys and if you find this information useful like and share it with your friends as well thanks for reading guys I love you and I’ll see my next blog.

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