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What Inspires Students To Take Product Designing As A Career

Best Inspiration for Students To Take Product Designing as a Career 2020

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Hi  my name is Zahir Shaikh and welcome again to  where we help you discover the career of your dreams and talk about What Inspires Students To Take Product Designing as a Career. 

In today’s blog I will be sharing with you my research about a career as a Product Designer and the different things like Industrial Design,  Design for manufacturing,  Design system and Product Design Engineer  that I think are super helpful for you before you begin your career exploration journey.  

I will be sharing information about:

  • Description of the product designer.

  •  Industries profile of Product Designer.

  • Entry qualification for Product Designer.

  • Lifestyle of Product Designer.

  • Working Location for Product Designer.

  • Career Path For Product Designer.

  • Salary Of Product Designer.

and other resources that I recommend to know more about for example like blogs, websites and online courses. If you need help choosing the right career for you you are in the right place.

So before we start with the blog I actually wanted to share with you where I take almost all of the content that I’m going to be sharing with you today. 

I also took information from other websites but the main or the core is in this book it’s called The Careers Handbook and it’s super helpful. 


If you would like to know more about careers in there you can view actually more than 400 career options you can get ideas for inspiration.

 If you’re lost if you know what you would like to do next what is the career of your dreams this would be a really good help for you. 

Because it just shows you a lot of information about different careers so you can make an informed decision and know what you’re talking about when you actually decide to pursue a path.  

so let’s start with the description of the field.

Description of the field of Product Designing:

Description of the field of Product Designer:

A product designing is basically responsible for the design and also the development of different consumer products. 

These products can be digital products like for example websites or apps or they can also be products that need to be manufactured like for example from a vacuum cleaner to a cell phone

The duties of this position could include for example improving product designs that are already out there also the competitors and making sure that you are doing your work to develop or design something that it’s better or matches the quality and performance.

Some product examples could be vehicles chairs, computers, cell phones and many other things that you can think about all these things that we have around. 

Probably had some kind of product designer involved in the creation of it and also in the development of it also for digital products like apps and websites. 

Probably there was a product designer involved in the process and giving you the results and you are seeing today.

So this description of the field is of course super quick I’m just talking about something real quick here and it just gives you an overview about the field about product design. 

So you can know that there is a possibility to work in the manufacturing industry or also in the digital industry we will talk a bit more about the different branches or paths that you can take. 

However you have to make more research about it and of course I’m going to be helping you in other blogs to know more about product design and about this whole career path. 

But I need you to understand that if you find this one helpful and you would like to know more then it’s also your responsibility of knowing and getting to know this more. 

Industries profile of Product Designing:

Industries profile of Product Designer:

So now I can talk about industry profile and when I say industry profile I mean the profile of the people working in this industry and they’re usually highly competitive they’re people that a real ways trying to be on top of trends.

knowing what’s out there they also are really keen on knowing what’s the consumer behavior for the particular product that they’re developing or the signing and also they tend to be always learning new things and knowing what’s out there what they should be knowing about the world.

If they would like to have this really innovative product or the sign like I said they are always on top of innovation and trends. 

So there’s a high demand for innovation and usually if these people are required to apply for jobs or apply for projects you should have some kind of portfolio this is usually not always

but then they have some kind of portfolio and then the companies or agencies that are also recruiting these people could know from this portfolio. 

If the person is actually doing something that’s old that they have already seen or it’s really innovative and new and something that can actually break through a new whole set of ideas.

Entry qualification for Product Designing:

Entry qualification for Product Designer:

So let’s talk a bit about entry qualifications and when I talk about this I mean that what is the minimum required education wise for you to enter in this industry 

One of the options is that a bachelor’s degree in engineering or industrial design it’s usually required it’s not a must but it’s usually required for most of the jobs out there also it’s very common to get a diploma from private Institute’s.

There are many out there and they are usually more expensive than a university or than a degree in industrial design and of course from  a public university. 

However they are very specialized and they tend to have a good reputation for the field and of course for more technical or specific fields like healthcare engineer.

Then you would have to have some kind of postgraduate qualifications these people create for example the prosthetics or also robotic instruments and for that you really need to have more specific training or specific education and after your basic education.

you should really go for some kind of internship program or volunteering program that could give you a better overview of what is the real world of work. 

And also gives you some kind of tools and experience that you can put in your resume and later help you to become this kind of professional and also landing some kind of job after wards

Lifestyle of Product Designing:

What Inspires Students To Take Product Designing As A Career

So let’s talk a bit about the lifestyle of these people how’s their life what do they do how is it really to be in their shoes every single day. 

So usually they work regular office hours however you really need to keep in mind that if you would like to go into that path.

You also need to be flexible with your hours because sometimes they need to do some extra hours to finish some projects and to actually meet the deadlines.

Another thing is that they’re also working mostly on computers and also talking to clients or talking to to the consumers.

so they can know what the consumer needs and also what the client needs to complete the project you would not be working alone all the time. 

You would actually be talking to a lot of people usually so yeah you would have to collaborate with different departments and different people.

Because this is what a product needs then it needs to have the review the input from many people so keep that in mind you won’t be 

If you’re the kind of person that really doesn’t like to work with people at all then maybe this is not the right path for you or maybe you should go into design or product design

But really into a specific branch or path of it because usually they tend to work with a lot of people and I know you also worry about location.

Working Location for Product Designing:

Lifestyle of Product Designer:

So let’s talk a bit about location so most of the product designers are actually working in offices or in design agencies as well and you would have to also meet a lot of clients a lot of suppliers a lot of customer and conduct research and also do some presentations at their site.

So there is a possibility that you also have to travel I wouldn’t say a lot because that depends a lot on the company and depends a lot of the job or on the project there are many if so I wouldn’t really say yeah you’re going to have this amount of traveling all the time.

However you have to keep this in mind and if you like traveling that’s a really good thing but if you don’t like it so much maybe this is something that you have to think about. 

Also since some time we have using the brand or the tendency of people working remotely or being a Freelancer and this is definitely an option in this industry.

You can give your services as a freelancer and also work remotely for some projects but also you have to keep in mind that this also depends a lot on the company and depends a lot on the product for example I know that in the automotive industry.

It is not really common to see people working remotely or if there are freelancers they work on site they work in the offices and also in the agencies.

Because there is a lot of secret to be kept and these people cannot ensure that if you’re not in the office and working in their network and inside their location then they cannot ensure that this is really secure and the secrets cannot just live.

So again if you would like to work in a particular industry it’s really nice if you can find some kind of information from the professionals that are already there so.

If you can talk to them or find them somewhere and link them social media and actually ask all these questions it would be really nice for you.

Please comment below and let me know what career path you would like to explore next and why I really am interested in it because I really want to know what are the reasons for different people to go into it.

Career Path For Product Designing:

career path

So I know we have been talking about product design as a whole but not really about the career paths:

  • So one of them is vehicle designer you could be creating different concepts
  • Another one is healthcare engineer like the one we mentioned before. They apply engineering and design principles to create medical products like prosthetics and robotic surgical instruments
  • Also you could be a consumer product designer these designers specialize in developing products like for example glassware vacuum cleaners and handheld electronics or many others
  • And another one that people are talking a lot about lately is digital product designers and since this field has become so mainstream then they are just called product designers

but they are actually only in Digital side of product design and digital products can be for example apps and websites like we mentioned before.

So like I said before there are many  career paths that you could take and then you can follow however it’s your responsibility to find out more about them and to find out all the different options that you have.

Because there are too many and probably if I just take the time and I just go through a list of all the career paths that you could take for product design.

Then this blog won’t and ever so it’s good if you can just go online and do some research about it and also interview some other professionals that can help you with it and have worked in the industry and know exactly what is needed and which career options you can take.

Salary Of Product Designer:


So let’s talk about the salaries because I know that this is one of the reasons why you would go into a particular field and you would follow a particular career.

So if we are going to talk about salaries and it’s really important that you know that it’s really different from one city to another from one company to another.

Sometimes if you’re working on an agency or directly in the company that has the brand you can expect different kinds of salaries.

It also depends on the years of experience on your portfolio what kind of software you manage what can you offer to the company it depends on many things.

So I’m going to be sharing with you some website that I found and some kind of information that I found online but if you are really if you reach the point where you already know what kind of professional you want to be like I mean. 

What kind of industry you want to work in what country or in what city you want to work then it’s really important that you find the information that is specific for that scenario.

Also another tip that you can that I can give you is that you can go on LinkedIn and find people that are already doing the exact same thing that you want to do and you can ask them like just build some kind of relationship.

Like hi I’m blah blah blah and I would like to go in that city and work as a this is this and how much can I expect to earn if I were to do that and if they don’t reply you have probably many other people that you can just contact and ask.

So don’t be afraid of going out there these people who really don’t know you and you would be so surprised of how people really are willing to help others.

So I found that they earn usually fifty thousand euros a year an average but also the highest payment level would be sixty-two thousand euros a year .

So some of the skills that I’ve found from the book that I mentioned before and also online are the following high level of creativity a keen eye for new ideas and new product features that would be appealing to customers ability to be organized to deliver on time and on a budget also

Good numerical skills for calculating dimensions and proportions of the products,  good communication skills to explain complex ideas to clients,  good IT skills for working on the computer and design software programs.  

Close attention to detail for working with technical specifications and the last one and probably one of the most important ones is empathy.

So you can understand what the customer needs what the client is going to need and you can bring that to the table so you can be actually putting yourself in their shoes and understanding their problems and their struggles.

Product Designing Job Outlook:

So let’s talk about the job outlook let’s see how would be the employment for you if you would like to follow this career path. 

I found this information the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the u.s. in the website and the industry that was most similar to what I’m talking about today about product design is industrial design and there you can find the job outlook for it.

So lets talk about  the website of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and there you can go on job outlook and see the projected change in employment from 2018 to 2028 and you can see it’s a 3%

So this is lower than average you can see the whole research that they have done for industrial design.

But as I said this is the most similar one that I could find and it’s really interesting that they say that the manufacturing industry is also projected to show little or no change.

So it’s going to stay more or less like this the employment is not going to go up so much but they say that also the arts should be passed for the applicants that know how to work with two and three dimensional.

Software programs also there is an increasing trend of good job prospects for applicants with experience with sustainable resources. 

And also if you have some experience with user interface UI probably you’ve heard about it or user experience UX are also interactive design.

Probably your prospects are going to be better you’re going to have more jobs and in the market it will be easy for you to find a job. 

so the last thing is that I wanted to recommend you some more websites and some more resources that you can use and I’m just going to go through them real quick.

so the first one of course is the US Bureau of Labor Statistics we just went through it and you just read it so my first option will be that

Another really cool resource that I found is the Khan Academy they have a whole section for Career Exploration you can check it out.  

The website and they actually interview a product designer and talk about their job and they ask a bunch of questions about it.

So check it out there are some that I’ve that I really enjoy and I think are super helpful.

Thank you so much for giving me your time and seeing the blog and I will see you in the next blog because I’m gonna continue more things like this and let me know in the comments below if you would like to know about any other careers that you’re curious about and yeah thank you so much again 


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