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How To Apply Online For Ration Card in 2020 know the best thing about FCS?

online ration card india

What is FCS? and  How to make a new Ration Card?  What are the benefits of ration card?  Get the ration card website of all states from here.

Hello and Welcome to today i am going to tell you the information related to the FCS and Ration Card. Stay with us from beginning to end to get this information. I am also going to tell you about the process of making a ration card and what is the benefit of the ration card.

What is FCS? What is its full form?

If you do not know about FCS yet, then no problem, today we will know in detail about FCS online and all information related to 2019-20 Ration card. Along with the central government, almost all the state government schemes have been online and now there are many such works.

For which you had to put in the hour line, but now you can get information related to them sitting online. For example,
if you want to list an online ration card or want information about the new ration card application, then you can take it from here.

How to check the online ration card list? Where can I download the application form? Before getting information about this, let know about FCS full form and meaning.

FCS Full Form & Meaning:

There are many departments of government that people do not even know about and one of them is FCS which has full form ‘Food and Civil Supplies’.It is a department that works at both central and state places, its job is to reach the citizens at a cheap price. FCS was introduced long before and probably has been functioning since independence.

The main objective of the Government of Uttar Pradesh FCS department is to reach the necessary food vendors at affordable prices. Like many other important things related to oil, seeds and crops, along with this, Food and Civil Supplies Department work is also to stop black marketing. So that all the goods can reach the people at a price fixed by the government.

History of FCS:

During the Second World War (1939-45 AD), an organization was established in India by the then British rule in 1940 to distribute and manage food and other essential commodities.

In the year 1941, the ‘Controller of Price’ and ‘Price Control Department’ were set up by the government, in view of the shortage in supply of food and essential commodities during the war and the possibility of the price increase.

In the year 1942, due to an increase in work, the department was divided into two parts. First- Civil Supplies Department and Second-Earth and Number Department whose functions were to maintain and control the supply of essential commodities respectively and to determine the retail and wholesale prices of essential commodities to control price rise.

ration card

What is a Ration Card?

It is a very important document. Friends, you will know that the card is a government document that is used in many public places, in our country, ration cards are required by all common people. And ration cards are also used as identification cards.
Talking about the ration card, then tell you that this is a very important document.

Just like Aadhaar card, driving license, voter ID card is a necessary document, ration card is also an essential document. Which is implemented under the schemes of the State Government. The state government provides different cards to different families according to their situation.

what is its use?

Card is valued as a very important document in our country. Friends, almost everyone in our country has a ration card.
As if you were told about this card, it is an important document. Eight Its use is also important. The need for a card falls in many places.

You may be called a ration card requirement. To buy (ration) food items such as wheat, rice, sugar, gram, lentils etc. and other essential items like LPG, Kerosene in ration shop.
The complete list is given below:

  • For identity card.
  • For life insurance.
  • To get a driving license.
  • To open a bank account.
  • In school colleges.
  • In court office.
  • To buy a mobile sim card
  • To create a voting card.
  • To create a passport.
  • For LPG connection.
  • In government and private offices.
  • For the address of residence.

Types Of Rashan Card:

Issued by the state governments under the Public Distribution System. There are three types of  cards.
Or say that the  card is divided into three categories.This category is given to the different cards by the state government according to the situation of different families. Such as –

  • Antyodaya card – for the poorest family,
  • BPL – for those below the poverty line
  • APL – for those above the poverty line.

Let’s tell you about all three types of cards. How and what color are these card?

Antyodaya card: – Antyodaya card is given to the poorest family. Families whose financial condition is not well at all. Also, this card is given to the unemployed and old people seeing the status of their family. The color of this card is yellow.

Below Poverty Line -BPL: – BPL card is given to those below the poverty line. This card is given to those whose income is less than Rs 10,000. The color of the BPL card is blue, red and pink.

Above poverty line -APL: – This card is given to the families coming above the poverty line. No maximum or minimum income has been set for this card. The color of this card is orange.

Eligibility for making ration card:

The first eligibility for making this card is – be a citizen of India. Any other application from the head of the family or the head of the family can be made. should note that no family member has name in any card before it. The family for which a card is being made.

Fee for ration card:

The information about the  fee is very important. Because of lack of information, people fall prey to thugs. It is very important to know about the fee. The fee for making a card is charged from Rs 3 to Rs 45. This fee may vary from state to state.

How many days it will take the complete the process?

Talking about the time limit for the creation, this time limit can be different in different states. But still the prescribed time limit is 15 days to 30 days. Is usually made within this time limit.

How to get a ration card?

It is a very important document. Which almost all people need. In such a situation, you also need to know how to make Or how to get  so you can make it in two ways. And both these processes are very easy.
1)From the Tehsil, District, Nagar Panchayat in the city and Gram Panchayat in the villages. 2) Or you can apply online also.

1. Get  from Tehsil, District or Nagar Panchayat in the city and Gram Panchayat in villages if you live in the city then there is a government place in your city such as Tehsil Office, District Office or Nagar Panchayat Office and villages have Gram Panchayat from where you can get ration card.

For this, you have to take the documents mentioned above and get the card made under the process. Friends, you must read the eligibility that mention in this post before you make a ration card. Also, read the necessary documents for this.

2. You cans make through online medium. you can also get the ration card made online. Because all the state governments provide the facility of the government website to the citizens for getting cards for their respective states. For this, you have to go to the official website of your state. You have been given the official website of all the states of India in this post only.

You can apply online from here. To get an online,  you have to go to the official website of your state. Go to that website and open the required link, then fill all the necessary information in the online application form and upload all the necessary documents. And submit it. Within 15 to 30 days of applying, it will reach the address given by you while online.

What to do if the R card is not reached in 30 days: –

If it does not reach your address even after 30 days after you submit the online form, then you go to the official website of your state and check the status of your card. And here also check whether you have given the address correctly or not.

States official website:

Ration Card New List Check 2020 All India:

Why should your name be in the ration card? You all will know about this and if you want to take advantage of the schemes offered by the government. So you must have a card and the good thing is that it is only one for a family, like Aadhaar card, it is not necessary to have one made separately for each.

Statewise Name Ration Card List:

1 Andhra Pradesh click here
2 Arunachal Pradesh Click here
3 Assam Click here
4 Bihar Click here
5 Chhattisgarh Click here
6 Goa Click here
7 Haryana Click here
8 HP Click here
9 Jammu and Kashmir Click here
10 Jharkhand Click here
11 Karnataka Click here
12 Kerala Click here
13 Madhya Pradesh Click here
14 Maharashtra Click here
15 Manipur Click here
16 Meghalaya Click here
17 Mizoram Click here
18 Nagaland Click here
19 Orissa Click here
20 Punjab Click here
21 Rajasthan Click here
22 Sikkim Click here
23 Tamil Nadu Click here
24 Telangana Click here
25 Tripura Click here
26 Uttar Pradesh Click here                                                                                                        27 Uttarakhand Click here 
28 West Bengal Click here
29 Andaman and Nicobar Click here
30 Chandigarh Click here
31 Dadra and Nagar Haveli Click here
32 Daman and Diu Click here
33 Delhi Click here
34 Lakshadweep Click here
35 Puducherry Click here

watch this video:

(This list that has just been launched soon, the government is bringing many new offers in the locked down. In such a situation, if you want to take advantage of all of them, then you should have a ration card, otherwise you will be deprived of many such schemes.)


So guys, in today’s post, you get an information about FCS and ration card which is a very important document. Full information about this has been given. And also what are its uses? Important information like how to get a ration card is given.

Along with this, you have also been given ration card links of various states of India, with the help of this link, you will reach the official website of your state and will be able to see related information and can also make online ration cards.

Guys, if you liked this information, then forget to share it with other people too. Because many people do not know the process of making ration card, they are anxious. So you can also help such people. Friends, if you liked this information, then forget to share it with other people too. Because many people do not know the process of making ration card, they are anxious.

So you can also help such people. After applying for the status check, you get a reference no. Only through that you can check the status of your ration card. ………………Thank you.

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